Vom Bauen verstehen sie ja einiges, die Ameisen. Großartige Konstruktionen, tolle Teamarbeit, Langlebigkeit, Witterungsbeständigkeit.

Doch jedes Lebewesen hat seinen typischen Baustil und auch spezielle Werkstoffe. Der Mensch baut immer öfter mit Aluminium.

AL meint:
die bauen fast schon so gut wie wir!

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The symbiosis of technology and art

Every era has its characteristic architectural style as well as its special materials. It’s difficult to imagine modern exterior construction without aluminium – thanks to its excellent structural-physical properties and wide range of artistic and aesthetic possibilities. Take, for example, the use of aluminium in post-and-beam construction, where it adds sparkle – literally! – to a wide variety of architectural exterior solutions.

Durability, weather resistance and low maintenance are some of the special distinguishing characteristics of aluminium. When used in composite profile window systems, for example, aluminium’s ultra-low weight and high thermal insulation value contribute considerably to lower energy costs and also improve the indoor climate. Guaranteed.

Whatever the task, ALUMERO’s project specialists will use their expertise and an ongoing dialogue with the customer to find the most efficient and economical solution.


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